Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I still love GM's Education web site!

Okay, two years later, I'm still loving this site: GM's Education web site.

What's new? It looks like they've improved the navigation and made it easier for teachers to find lesson plans, and gives kids a chance to choose their grade (look under Lori's picture). New games focus on ethanol and the Chevy Volt.

At one time, GM was reaching out to teachers to see if they would use these articles and activities in their classrooms... the response was overwhelmingly, "yes!" I'd love to know if, in fact, they are.

Weekly Reader strikes a new tone with a youthful, yet ageless, blog about writing and current literature -- Word. Most of this week's entries are book reviews, especially Harry Potter (no link needed!), but they've also had some great posts on writing as well. Hip and informative. Great job!